Barry Borhani
CEO and Founder 

I am an Oil & Gas professional with over 30 years unique combination of experience gained working for key global  Operator, Consultancy and Management Contracting companies. I have strong analytical, project management, project controls & systems expertise obtained whilst working on major global capital programs ($100MM to $23 Billion) in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Initially, I successfully designed and implemented key construction control systems for a major global management contracting company. With adoption of these system the company was able to monitor performance of the projects in a consistent way using its own internal benchmarks. Nowadays, most management contracting companies have developed their own bespoke integrated project management systems which are used to track functional performance during detailed engineering, procurement and construction phases.

However, even with these systems in place, we know achieving capital project execution excellence remain a major challenge in the infrastructure industry. EY studied performance of more than 375 global projects and concluded that on average 64% of projects have 'Average Cost Overruns' of 59% and 74% of these projects suffer significant schedule delays.


Traditionally, this has been seen as an unavoidable ‘cost of doing business'. In response, operators and service providers have slashed as much CAPEX and OPEX as they can to survive the economic downturn but with razor thin margins and limited available capital, it’s now imperative to find additional ways to control and reduce costs.

“Times have changed – We know this situation cannot continue, and a new solution must be found”.

Solving this problem has been my lifelong ambition and having solved these issues whilst being accountable for successful delivery of a number of capital projects, Our team of experts have embarked on the journey to develop CPEC platform which embeds these unique methodologies to ensure project management team can make PROACTIVE decisions based on unprecedented levels of REAL TIME insights available to them during project execution.

CPEC design utilises a suite of predictive analytics tools which are powered by artificial intelligence. CPEC is designed specifically for project managers, a platform that puts YOU in control through a unique combination of hands-on industry wisdom and experience and the latest digital technologies. A platform that will ultimately reduce capital spend over run.


CPEC analyses the present to give you a real time insight into the future… making you Wise……before the event.


What's happening now 

In February 2018, a research initiative was launched to develop CPEC.ai core engines. CPEC.ai alpha version successfully demonstrated core analytics capabilities (2019) and is currently undergoing further enhancements.


The beginning 

CPEC.ai methodology is based on proven track record

CPEC.ai journey started in 1994 on Troll phase1 gas processing plant, one of the largest capital projects ever. With complex Operator and EPCs joint ventures it soon became evident that ability to “Control” the project was impossible due to several factors such as:

  • Multiple EPCs, Contractors, Fabrication yards operating at various locations

  • Utilising global supply market, each supplier utilising different production systems

  • Disconnected and inconsistent data, systems using various data structures and models

  • Inconsistent reporting formats, structures, templates

  • Siloed functional approach to engineering design, procurement, and construction

  • Geographical barriers between project teams

  • Top down planning, lacking the ability to understand impact of supply performance until it was too late, leading always to reactive response.

With ability to “Control” the project diminishing fast it became evident that current control systems were totally inadequate and a new solution had to be found to understand “what is going on the project”. Management were looking for a way to unravel this complexity to enable them to make proactive “decisions”. 

Having developed most of the key global contractor’s integrated construction control systems, a new analytics algorithms was designed to import specific data from other's systems. This data was then cleansed, reformatted and was fed into newly written core analytics software to create a unified and single version of the project performance.


The effectiveness of the system and its extraordinary insights it provided allowed project management team to make pro-active decisions which ultimately allowed the project to be delivered on time and within budget.

With excellent results, this methodology was further tested on two other major projects with even better results.

However, after extensive research in February 2018, it became evident that such an approach has not been adopted in the infrastructure sector. In fact, the situation has worsened as most of the supply market were moving away from paper based systems which meant that volume of data had grown exponentially leading to information overload. 


Following this market research it became clear that a system such as CPEC platform is needed to offer a new solution to the operators and contractors.


Combining this “knowhow” with today’s advanced “digital capability” one can achieve unprecedented levels of control during project execution.

CPEC.ai platform is unique as it allows key stakeholders (Operators, EPC contractors, suppliers) to gain access to the right “real time” insights to “control” the projects effectively and make decisions proactively.


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