CPEC Digital Platform

Transforming Infrastructure

Project Management 

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Capital Projects Effective Control powered by Artificial Intelligence is an industry 4.0 based digital solution, which will greatly enhance the efficacy and productivity of capital projects productivity during execution.

Real-time data integration and advanced analytics enable project owners to take full control of projects and improve certainty of cost and schedule.

CPEC.ai utilises the power of Artificial Intelligence to support and validate critical decision making and aligns cross-functional efforts to remove bottlenecks and keep project under control.

CPEC Benefits 


  • Provides Total Installed Cost of engineering design in real time

  • Facilitates the early identification of gaps and inconsistency within data

  • Understand impact of change to man-hours, cost and schedule

  • Transparency of supply chain performance through code Unification

  • Understand in real time, status, stability and rate of change in engineering design 

  • Monitor and alert cross-functional KPIs


  • Ability to “See” project management insight live on 3D model

  • Accurate Constructability insight (now and in future), enables accurate resource planning

  • Support and drive cost reduction agenda

  • Prevent reworks, minimise Variation Orders (VOs) and disputes

  • Offer solutions, support critical decision making and interventions

  • Accurate forecast to completion cost and schedule


  • Set data collaboration environment (multi enterprise)

  • Understand and manage risks collaboratively

  • Use insights to remove X-functional bottlenecks 

  • Flexible and bespoke reports at organisation, business unit, project and contract levels

  • Recreate project status at any moment in time (black box)

  • Provide information feedback to contractors and suppliers


  • Take control of the project as an informed project owner

  • Monitor portfolio, programmes and project performance remotely

  • Support digital transformation strategy for capital projects

  • Pre-qualify and select contractors aligned with your digital strategy

  • Consistent performance measurement across all projects

  • Develop and improve inhouse benchmarks 

Overall Benefit


Faster critical decision making



cost saving 


Saving in PM oversight costs



in disputes


Unique Approach 

Adaptive and flexible approach to accommodate each projects unique environment   

CPEC.ai uniqueness is related to special use of technology and its "Bottom up" management of project execution, removing information bottlenecks, and unlocking capacity throughout the execution environment. 

CPEC converts data into measurable information and assesses functional and cross functional impacts and will alert project management team if anomalies are detected in real time. CPEC core analytics presents insights to support decision making.


CPEC.ai analytics provide, on one platform, a comprehensive and consistent end-to-end view of project performance in real time.  

  • Real-time monitoring of project performance

  • Tracks all materials from design to final installation

  • Plugin and system agnostic with no need to change existing processes

  • Data driven system, powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Covers all aspect of performance across project’s supply chain

  • Cloud based and multi enterprise with selective access for all stakeholders  

  • Provides Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive analysis

Data Integration

Specialised Plug-ins to enable analytic engines to connect to critical information

CPEC.ai sits at the heart of the digital eco-system of capital projects and connects you with your contractors’ and suppliers’ information, irrespective of their location and systems.

​Specific data is extracted in real time to enable deep, continuous analytics. 

The unique integration plug-ins CPEC.ai provides are designed to extract specific data from complex digital eco-systems to enable its core analytics engines to run at maximum efficiency.


CPEC.ai analytics provide, on one platform, a comprehensive and consistent end-to-end view of project performance. 

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Data Integration

Connect and Capture Data from Disparate Sources

 Integrate Datasets








Data Monitoring




Unify and 

Convert Aggregated Data into Functional Measurable Information



Cross-Functional Analysis

Running Cross-functional Impact Analysis 


- Decision support - Independent Performance Verification


Insight Visualisation

Visualise output on


3D model

Augmented reality

Project Black Box 

Captures Critical Project Data - Forensic Investigation 


CPEC Overview Video